Tuesday, October 18, 2005


In one of the mails that frabi sent today, she mentioned about Jr. renjitha..her baby is named rajasree.... hi renju a cute "hi" to ur baby...i think renju calls her hubby "rajettaaaa..."... reminds me of the superstars of of the 70's - soman n sukumaran(then re having the names rajan..baalan etc etc) .... So is tht "raj" reflected in ur "rajasree"..so whos sree?? is that the herione of yester years...SREEvidya.. :D... aake oru 70's shade aanallo... joking... :D

So coming to the matter.. when Frabi told abt the babies, i recalled an incident which became a hit in the whole pulincunnu... One eve, after the marathon Bad-minton games ( I SHALL calls - many of u may not know the "porul" of this I SHALL call, if i get consent from the concerned person i will disclose it in another episode), it was nearly 8 30 i think. As usual it was jovial mood in Vayalat house, cracking jokes, making fun of each other.... the fone rings...RING RING .... the sound from the other side was quite familiar..the slang is the hybrid of "trichur n kannur".... think u got the person right....Frabi alias Burfee (or beef fry)

nb: X is the person who attended the fone..

frabi: (yells out) "nasimindaaaa"....
X: whos speaking, entha kaaryam...
frabi: nasimmnnu onnu kodukkkkkkvoooooo plssssssssssss
X: (finds tht the matter is not tht serious) avan ivide illa...kaaryam para

(....our kadhanayakan enters the stage)
aasan: enthada enthada enthada panni...(n takes the receiver frm X)

(....frabi was too excited n everyone in the drawing room were able to hear her... nasim was holding the receiver in a fair distance frm his ear...(athrakku shrill voice))

aasan: enthadi enthadi enthadi...
frabi: Dimple KUTIIYITTUUUUUUUnnnnuu

The next day...IT WAS FRABI'S (sorry not april first...)..this dialog haunted her till the course was over...n still haunts in many other ways...this is just one such way... :D


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