Thursday, October 20, 2005

Paala n Uluva...

i came across an incident yday which reminded me one of the master hit jokes of vayalat....
One of my roommates is having cholestrol, so in order to overcome that, he drinks "garlic
water" - donno if ther exists some techinical terms (veluthulli chathachu vellathil idum).
He makes the drink in the eveing and drinks it in the morning...This reminded me of paala...

------flaash baaack --------

Our pala was intensly longing to develop muscles..Some one told him to drink "uluva vellam".
Soak uluva in a glass of water - prepare the drink in the eve and have it next
morning..Paala was extremely last he got a way to build his body (athu kazhinju
venam pattuvinittu 2 pottikkan - ithayirunnu avante ullirippu)

So paala started the venture..But a strange thing was happening every morning..its the not
the same glass the drink is in, that he prepared it the previous night. Contents are the same,
but the glass is different. He was using a large class (which resembles a "para") - of
course the glass is jk's..

Paala dint mind it, vazhiyil pala pareekshanangalum prathibandhangalum undakum, but v shud not take our eyes frm the our great paala kept on going.. Every morning he comes with the drink to the sit-out...gulps it..Toooo Bitter...but paala pinvangiyilla...Drinks the whole glass, streches out his arms, checks the biceps, chest and shoulders...on his way back to the kitchen, give pattu a "thattu"...

Nearly 2 months passed...Paala desperate, oru mechavum illa...kure uluva vellam kudichu

So one day as usual, paala with the drink came to the sit out and saw our JK drinking black
tea...Paala was surprised, he is holding the glass tht he prepared the drink the previous
Paala alari "Dai venne, nee thanada yean glass eduthu kondu ponathu??"..JK was astonished, he
replied innocently (reacall the same innocent face of jk whn he destroys something) "what is the matter, every morning i come to take tea, i see uluva-vellam in my glass, i simply drains the water, put uluva in another glass, pour some water from the tap ( water frm the tap means, water straight from the canal - pacha malayalathil THOTTILE VELLAM")...

All of us had a great laugh..paala looked at everybodies' face...fainted.. uluva vellam
paripaadi avide full stop...

Heard tht he has got some other plans to achive the same....


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