Monday, October 24, 2005


So i am back again. This time, ther is a lil change in the topic. Till now i was mentioning some of the events tht happened in Vayalttil. Now the location has changed.

Some days back i met one of our sub juniors (not mentioning his name). The hero in this episode will anyway recognise him..For the time being v wil call this subjunior X and our hero as 'hero' itself.

X went to the working place of our hero. He looked around and saw a group of 'colors'. He was excited n made up his mind to make an impression. Slowly he neared the grp...He was stunned, ther was a guy who was single handedly managing all these gals. This guy is none other than our hero. X recognised tht our hero was his super senior n went to know wht was happening ther. Hero is ragging a gal - not to mention, this was the best looking gal in the grp ;) .

The qns from our hero goes like this - Whats ur name, where do u come from, where u studied..and ' oru paattu paadu'
the gal: ayyo chetta enikku paattu paadan ariyilla.
hero: ok ennal njan paadam...
"karimizhi kuruviye kandilla....."

X went near hero, hero also recognised X n said with a chammiya chiri "njan nammude pillare okke onnu RAG cheyyuvarunnu... :D "


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